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Medical Services in Spetses

Medical Services in Spetses

The Clinic - The Health Centre of Spetses is located in Dapia area (nearby Agios Theodosios temple).
Contact Number: (+30) 22980 72472

The clinic is open from 07:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday. Walking wounded should make their own way to the clinic for treatment whenever possible. Doctors Hours: 08:00 – 14:00

There are x-ray facilities so broken bones etc, can be identified and then stablised before the patient is taken off the island to one of the larger hospitals on the mainland.


Out hours emergencies or non-walking wounded, phone the clinic first and if necessary a doctor will be sent to you or arrangements for you to meet in the clinic will be made.

Alternatively if possible the ambulance will be sent for you. There are out of hours telephone numbers printed on the door of the clinic.


Chemists and Pharmacies

There are two pharmacies on Spetses with pharmacists that speak English fluently and are able to help you with advice for non-emergency treatment, if you don't need to visit the hospital or doctor. They stock a wide range of medicines and medical supplies and are happy to translate instructions. It is possible to buy antibiotics from the pharmacies in Greece without prescription and if you know what you normally have in your home country, they are normally able to find the alternative brand name in Greek.


They are very knowledgable when it comes to diagnosing minor ailments.

Doctors’ Contact Numbers
Spiratou Helen           (+30) 6942271411

There are a few private doctors for specialised ailments, but not all are based on the island permanently. These visiting doctors include a paediatrician and an orthopaedic surgeon.

There is also an excellent permanently based physiotherapist, named Vagelis Mytilineous.

Any contact details and directions can be obtained from one of the two local pharmacies.


There are two main dental practices on Spetses. Surgery hours 9am – 1pm and 5pm – 8pm. Approx. €45 Euros to make or replace a filling and the same to repair a broken tooth. 

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