A lecture course full of discussions on the importance of targeting signaling pathways in cancer. Leaders in the fields go back to basics but also bring you into the future of this timely topic. Social interactions are an important aspect of the meeting.

"From the outset, the programme seems comparable to other available scientific meetings, and yet I’m told repeatedly, this is the one: if you only go to one conference during your PhD, it should be Spetses". Lindsay Lim, EACR annual report. (read the full report from the EACR 2012 Yearbook)

European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) is delighted to co-sponsor the advanced lecture course. For further details about the EACR and benefits of Membership please visit the website.

prof.dr. Boudewijn Burgering, prof.dr. Richard Marais and prof.dr. René Medema
Course Organizers




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